Future Jist 9

4 articles on issues that are bound to have a strong impact on the world of tomorrow.

The AI Company Helping the Pentagon Assess Disinfo Campaigns: In my previous article, I proclaimed the death of Silicon Valley(as a culture) and further proclaimed the rise of Atomic Valley. Primer, an AI-based company that’s helping the Pentagon analyze disinformation campaigns is another example of a company that is hopping on the Atomic Valley innovation pipeline. Read Here

The True Story of Lee Kuan Yew’s Singapore: Singapore is fascinating for many reasons. Its ability to maintain a sort of market-socialist economy with futuristic governance is wild. But one thing that stands out most about it, is how it was designed from the ground up by a man that has become a legend to many. Palladium Magazine has some phenomenal essays. This one about the rise of Lee Kuan Yew is quite simply breathtaking in its depth. Read Here

To Boldly Go Where No Internet Protocol Has Gone Before: What does the thought of an interplanetary internet sound like to you? Well, one of the fathers of the modern-day internet Vinton G. Cerf, seeks to share some of the Earth’s internet with space and is actively designing a protocol to do so. Read Here

Deep Neural Networks Help to Explain Living Brains: It’s somewhat fascinating that Neural nets are able to model specific brain functions. Here’s another brilliant Quanta Mag article that talks about the ways in which Neural Networks are helping Neuroscientists understand the brain. Read Here

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