The end of the Trump presidency may mean the worst has been averted. But there's still a lot more to do.

While long term authoritarianism may have been averted, there's still quite a bit to worry about in the short term.

The US Presidential elections are basically over, but the problems that animated Trump’s campaign, the disease underlying his rise, still very much remain.

In many ways, Trump served as a rude awakening to the American public. To those in charge, especially the elite of the Democratic Party, it is a reminder to be more vigilant of the needs of the nation; the needs of the minority populations that carried Biden over the line, or even that of the white working class, whose living standards had tanked dramatically thereby resulting in the rise of Trump in the first place.

The question is, will they learn?

The hope is that they do. Populists are society’s fall-back mechanism. They always disrupt the affairs of the public, but they remind us of what we may have lost, the work we have to do, and what is yet to come.

As Zeynep Tufekci made note of, the end of the Trump presidency may animate the rise of a far more skilled authoritarian. One far more skilled than Trump ever was.

Many roll their eyes at this. “Trump was unique!”, they say.


Trump was a marketer. The sort the American public is all too familiar with.

Who is to say that someone like Tucker Carlson is incapable of resurrecting Trumpism? Fox News became the go-to propaganda network for Trump’s whole insurgency. If it means a loss of viewers, who is to say that they will not hold on to the same issues his followers have always craved?

The problems do still remain. Poor access to healthcare, education, and a sharp divide in the outcomes of rural and urban elites. In this regard, America may be a First World country in name only.

Many have made note of the fact that without a win in the Senate, Biden may be the leader of the free world, with not necessarily much power. That would very much be a win for those who align themselves with Trump. A stale government always means an unsatisfied populace and hence, the rise of a populist.

Trump may have spurred the rise of a global nationalist movement, but he was nowhere near as smart as his foreign counterparts.

And as we speak, he still attempts a coup in plain sight!

The worst may be over, but there is still far more to be done.

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