On heuristics, the stuff that separates the human from machines.

February 2023

It may be all over...or just beginning depending on your point of view.

January 2023

Book Review of Chip War by Chris Miller. (Light Spoilers)

December 2021

Another year passes by. This is what I saw.

September 2021

Woolly Mammoth Resurrection, SpaceX's First All-Private Mission, Reversing Alzheimer's, and mRNA Cancer therapy.
New Information Tech, Martian Sample, Mini Crispr, and Immortality Tech.
Elizabeth Holmes, China hates Video Games, and SpaceX does regular delivery.

August 2021

Crypto Taxes, AI Avatars, HIV Vaccines, and The Freedoms We Take For Granted.
AI does good and bad stuff, Apple controversy, and Climate Change.
Chinese political engineering, AI tool failure, new IT, and Time Crystals.

July 2021

Industrial Assembly in Space, AI Insecurity and Competence, and RNA stuff.
Is there a bias of technical people towards technical problems at the cost of equally important social problems? I think so and so do others.